Is Mother going to the store?

This is the first time I've ever come to Paris.

I think I've finally understood what you were trying to say.

Jaime looks cool no matter what he wears.

Liisa decided that Markku had to move out.

We all knew Noam wasn't bluffing.


This box isn't so heavy.

He showed no emotion hearing the bad news.

Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa.

Sunil has everything a boy could want.

The townspeople were astonishingly naive about what the smugglers were.

You're going to win today.

Can you make me a Spanish omellete for dinner please?

Their children will be christened tomorrow.

The band came at the head of the parade.


That's not possible.

Daniel came to his birthday party dressed as a clown.

That gives me great pleasure.

In the face of ruthless competition, our business failed to survive.

I can't believe we've never done this before.

If you talk to a man in a language he understands, it will go to his head. If you talk to him in his language, it will go to his heart.

Republican leaders denied the charge.

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I'm very happy to be here.


This meteorite was found in the Sahara Desert.

You guys are the best.

You'll have your turn.


Shyam isn't that different.


You aren't doing your best.

I am glad to help you.

Tehran is my favorite town.

Names are listed in alphabetical order.

The President vetoed the law after Congress passed it.

I don't know Duke, but I know his sister.

We have to take him to the emergency room immediately, he's gravely wounded.

I still didn't believe it.

The flight was cancelled.

I didn't know you collected stamps.

There is only one bath towel.

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I will study abroad for myself.

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Many local dialects seem to be dying out.

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Let me tell you what to look for.

He shot himself in the knee.

Many countries take measures in order to protect themselves against anthrax or smallpox better.

He gave up trying, when he might have succeeded.

Which one of Japan's historical characters do you identify yourself with?


We're not letting anyone go.

I still have big plans to come and see you.

Have you had dinner?


The mountain was covered with snow.

What if something goes wrong?

We're too old to play games.

Suppose you are talking to your friend.

I think that's the guy who attacked me.

It will be dreadfully hot.

Tareq bugs everyone.

The family received me very warmly.

All governments will have to cooperate in this matter.


Miki is in police custody now.

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They will not pass!

Timothy probably got tired of waiting for Edmund and left.

Brandon didn't want to hear anything I had to say.


Did you see him go aboard?

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Can you give me a hand?

We can't really throw it away!

I found out where Louis used to live.


Heidi put his hand over the microphone.


Everyone except Polly went to the party.

Don't let your muscles atrophy.

I don't know what you're so worried about.

In fact, it's a mistake.

I will help you if I have finished my work by four.

The bank robbers were wearing masks.

Milner is picking her nose.

You look good in white.

Standing as it does on a hill, the church commands a fine view.


I arrived in Boston yesterday.


They are not such a bad lot.

I don't want to take up too much of your time.

You've done it before, haven't you?

I can't do this either.

Never turn your back on Paul.


How soon will you be able to finish that job?

They miss Boston.

Dan is walking his small dog.

I'd like to go to France sometime.

Barbara will be safe here.

Nine o'clock should be O.K.

Where did you park my car?

The war in Europe ended.

He gave up trying, when he might have succeeded.


We went for a walk on the beach.

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Why aren't you talking to me?


Vijay arrived safe and sound.

I saw her there in the moonlight.

During World War II, many famous landmarks in Europe were reduced to rubble.

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When I die, I want to die like my grandfather who died peacefully in his sleep. Not screaming like all the passengers in his car.

Ozan is a risk taker.

I warn you not to do that again.

I'm getting good at it.

We'll learn the alphabet in this lesson.

What will you do with this camera?

Did you get any sleep at all last night?

Everyone was shocked except Juliet.

Go get the rest of the prisoners.

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Do you even remember her?

He is weary of his work.

The data was accurate.

Tal wanted to learn how people in other countries live.

What's your favourite animal?

That guy is totally nuts!

Shall I buy you a ticket for the concert?

Vinod is my ex's ex.

I know it isn't the truth.

I ate sand.

Thank you for the warning.

I will give you a laptop.

Such an accident is likely to happen again.

My suggestion is for more trees to be planted along the streets.

This coat is too short on me.

Her cat is so adorable.

As I thought, Catherine is a beautiful girl after all.

My brother is a retard.

Prisons aren't enough.

I've been shopping all day.

The story sounds true.

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All of a sudden, she spoke out.

Do you deliver?

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

Devon crossed to the window.

Yes, please do.

It doesn't matter from where he comes.

Shahid died fighting for what he believed in.

That's what the law says.

Let's hope Olson is listening.

I can't remember everything Micheal told me.

Sho was lying to you.


The bell rang.

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Pedro is a member of a motor enthusiasts' club.

Irvin said he'd found something.

He lives in the wood all by himself.

Don't be childish.

Please find me my overcoat.


Hirofumi asked Jacob what kind of music she liked to listen to.

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We talked about this last night.

We do anything we want.

Lying is not good behaviour.

I'll make Malcolm some sandwiches.

Uri isn't sure.

Jwahar cut Clara's hair.

The actress is running her lines.

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Had you all been fighting when she left?

I've got business with him.

You cannot be too careful in choosing your friends.


Hilda does quality work.


Are you sure you don't want me to come with you?

For any type of organisation, internal harmony and unity are important factors in deciding its success or failure.

A boy snatched my purse as he rode by on his bicycle.

She is engaged in social work.

Tell them we're working on it.

She seems to be in trouble. Tell her what to do.

It's better to write like this.


He shall pay you the money at once.

I have ten pens more than you do.

The white drapery does not blend with the black wall.

The farmers must be happy to hear that.

Strobing effects can trigger epileptic seizures.